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Jason Caldwell

Age: 33

Jason’s prolific athletic career started not in rowing, but in baseball, where he played for his
alma mater Sonoma State University (SSU) earning three consecutive scholar athlete awards.
His collegiate summers were spent playing Semi-Pro baseball for the San Francisco Angels
until he sustained a career ending elbow injury in the summer leading to his senior year.

Never one to call it quits, Jason discovered the sport of rowing in his final year of collegiate
eligibility at SSU where he was voted most inspirational by his teammates. Upon graduation,
Jason was accepted to Vesper’s elite rowing team in Philadelphia where he rowed four years
(two of which were spent with teammate Matt Brown) earning, amongst others, two gold
medals, one silver, and one Bronze in the United States National Championships.

In 2015 Jason captained Latitude 35, the American team that raced against teammate Angus
Collins in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, a 3,000 mile race. Despite a disastrous start
which resulted in the team losing half their crew to an emergency evacuation, Jason and
teammate Tom Magarov fought back to row the remaining 2,400 miles as a double finishing
11th and setting the American Course Record for the fours division despite their handicap.

Today Jason runs a leadership development company, and trains for a comeback which will
be the 2016 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his
wife Amelia.

Thomas magarov

Age: 30

Thomas Magarov was born in Azerbaijan in the former Soviet Union in 1985. A competitive rower and swimmer in high school before leaving the country in 2002 and emigrating to the United States. A graduate of & University of West Chester with a Bachelors degree in International business, an education he has used extensively in the last ten years in his work in management positions in large volume retail environments and with Team Concepts Inc.

Tom is an outstanding rowing coach at all levels, having worked with physically challenged middle school youth in Azerbaijan as well as with masters levels rowers at the Philadelphia Boathouse Row and middle management and top executives from around the world with Team Concepts. An engaging personality, Tom is known for his enthusiastic nature, positive approach, and logical approach to challenges. He is currently the director of logistics and operations with Team Concepts.

Nicholas khan

Age: 28

Nick is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He's been an athlete since he was young. He picked up rowing as a freshman in high school at Central Catholic in Pittsburgh and continued rowing while at Temple University in Philadelphia both on the university team and at Undine Barge Club of Boathouse Row for eight years. The teams Nick has been a part of have won races on the high school, collegiate, national and international level so despite his relatively young age, he’s been able to accumulate strong rowing experience.

A few years ago, Nick took a break from competitive rowing to spend time on a few other athletic pursuits. He had taken up distance running while in college as a hobby and always wanted to up the ante. He began with 10 milers, moving then to marathon distances and eventually graduating to ultra marathons. Nick ran both a 50 mile trail race just outside of Washington D.C. and a 100 mile race in Philadelphia, the latter of which he was fortunate enough to be the overall men's champion.

Kimberly marion

Kimberly is from the Philadelphia area. She has been an avid athlete since she was able to walk, playing anything from field hockey to rowing. She was thoroughly inspired by the art of rowing in high school, and initiated the school’s first crew team. Kimberly was then recruited to row for Drexel, however after just over a year, injuries prevented her from participating. 

It is no surprise that Kimberly still has her foot in sports. She is the Team Manager for Latitude 35 Crew and will provide all the land support to the team, race organizers and the family & friends. She will be in direct communication with the team on a daily basis. 

Kimberly is the Lab Coordinator for Wharton’s Behavioral Labs at the University of Pennsylvania She is a graduate of Drexel University with a Bachelors in Psychology and minors in Culinary Arts and Nutrition. She possesses vast leadership skills and attention to detail, qualities essential to our team’s success. The team is relying on Kim while at Sea.

Our Race

Talisker's Trans-Atlantic Rowing Race, starting from San Sebastian in La Gomera, the Canary Islands and spanning 2,600 nm to Antigua & Bermuda, is considered by many to be the world's toughest and most daunting rowing race. Held every other year, 15-20 teams representing countries from around the world, will choose to enter either the single, double, or fours event, and test their endurance against some of the most grueling conditions Mother Nature has to offer.

Latitude 35 will have the privilege of being the only United States four entered in this years race. 

Their boat, measuring around 7 meters in length and only 2 meters in width will be the vessel by which Latitude 35 will accomplish this challenge. Fully fitted out with GPS, solar panels, and all the food and safety equipment needed for this journey, they will not be allowed to resupply or receive aid from any other boat without being disqualified. 

These four men will be pushed to their physical limits and forced to endure fatigue, sleep deprivation, hunger, dehydration, salt-sores, and injury, not to mention the psychological stress associated with pure isolation as they embark on close to a 3,000 mile rowing journey while never leaving the boat or each other.

On the other hand, the members of latitude 35 will have the opportunity to witness some of our planets most awesome spectacles. Abundant aquatic life, brilliant starlit evenings, and spectacular sunsets and sunrises will be the backdrop of their voyage as they work together to leverage each other's strengths and row, two-at-a-time, to what they hope to be a World Record. These men are united by a common thirst for adventure, respect for one-another, and a willingness to endure natures most extreme conditions to be among the few who have successfully crossed the Atlantic Ocean.